Inner Data Encryption (Android)

To solve the problem of crypto-assets safety Multy team has developed a Master Key – a key with the help of which application’s data is encrypted in the local storage. Detailed descryption of the idea you can find in this article.

We have prepared 2 additional arcticles for you. One – describing Master Key Generation procedure for iOS platform, and the second (this one) – Android.

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Android Architecture Diagram

Development of any mobile product begins with architecture building. Sure we had the same task when we decided to work on Our team of android developers was about to create a classic boring UML-scheme in any graphic editor – but well, you know, such commonly used approaches couldn’t suite our rock-star team.

Searching for different tools across the Internet we came across a realtimeboard. All the diagrams created with it don’t seem that boring but still can easily display separate parts or screens.

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